Now change the background back to picture, and you should have a black icon font color. When a picture is used the color of the icon text cannot be changed as Windows 10 decides this for itself. Popular Topics in Windows Server. It is very simple but very useful. Select the Start button, then select Settings > Personalization to choose a picture worthy of gracing your desktop background, and to change the accent color for Start, the taskbar, and other items. Click the Advanced tab. On the 1st PC, the text displayed under the icons on the Desktop is completely black with no shadows. Click the Settings button under Performance. There doe not seem to be a way to change the font color without using the high contrast theme setting. And even after setting the desktop background to white, the font is still white. Think you've mastered IT? Select the monitor you want to change, if more than one is connected to your PC. The preview window gives you a sneak peek of your changes as you make them. This Tutorial helps to How to Change Text Color in Windows 10 [Tutorial]Thanks friends for watching this Video,Please Subscribe and Support Our Channel. There are three lines of text on the right side of each of the desktop icons. Change Desktop Icons. Nice job MS! How to Change Text Color in Windows 10 [Tutorial] - Duration: 1:50. In the System window, click Advanced system settings on the left side. Anyone know what registry key controls this ? Is there any way to change the desktop icon text colour in Windows 10? Then choose Desktop icon settings.. Changes desktop icon text color but it doesn't stick. In case you want to change the icons of the folders or apply an icon pack to your Windows installation, we’ve suggested something for that as well. Step 2: Slide the left pane and locate to Related Settings. I've tried the changing background to Orange, etc and it doesn't work for me. Flat Color Icon Pack; How to Change Icons in Windows 10? This is necessary because of the varying color of a typical desktop … This is forcing a white font color regardless what you select for a picture. How do I change the white font display under the desktop icons to black in Windows 7? The only way I have found to change the font colors is with a pay for app called Desktop Icon Toy. This method will make you able to change some text, windows, apps and icons size. This is a photo that is special to me and I have used it for years. Under Visual Effects tab, uncheck the box marked … 4 When prompted, click/tap on … First of all, when you’re looking for icons to download, make sure you’re getting them from a reputable source. I just tried this and while the background was orange the icon text was black, but when I changed the orange back to a picture, the icon text returned to white. Select (dot) Icon. On the right pane, locate WindowText and double-click it to modify. Then click on the Desktop icon setting. Windows 10 doesn’t let you customize folder icons out of the box. The intention of this post is to enable you to change the color of all the fields displayed by your Windows 10 screen (there will always be exceptions – icons, images, etc. And (as you all probably know already I'm sure, but I'm going to say it anyways,) you can change the font (and the size) of the desktop icons by clicking" Control Panel -> Dsplay -> Appearance -> Advanced -> Item -> Icon -> Font I expected that it would be the same in Windows 10. Steps to Change Folder Icon colors in Windows 10; Step 1: Download Folder Colorize … I want to change the color of the icon text on the 2nd PC to a solid black, as is present on the 1st PC. Choose the folder you want to change color. It will always be White with a dark Drop Shadow if Drop shadows are on. At a time Color Multiple Folder in Windows 10: First, Click on the Folder in the navigation bar and then click on “Multiple Folders” using Checks. Choose a theme and set … You can click the box to opt to let Windows use an accent color from your background or pick a color from the "Recent colors" and "Windows colors" selections.

windows 10 change desktop icon text color

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