The Dahle 10673 Vantage Self-Healing Mat is a five-layered plastic PVC constructed mat. Rated 5.00 out of 5 $ 7.19 – $ 135.99. Tools The Super Size, self-healing mat is perfect for your production tables. At 4.5mm thick, it is marginally thinner than our SupaSeal Clear cutting mat, but it is made from tougher material and provides the best protection of all. All Mats, Grids and Center Point Are Made in The USA. Center Point Tape, CT-12' Sticky Tape: Not only do these steel tapes have a uniquely fast method of finding the center, they are also extremely high quality tools for any kind of shop measuring. Tape is 3/4 inch width. For Shipping charges request by e-mail, include address, city and postal code. 60cm x 45cm (23" x 17") Metric / Imperial. Make a cut, then another cut a hair away, mat doesn’t gouge so every cut is flawlessly straight. This Rotary Cutting Mat Set comes completed with an Olfa Spare Blade (45mm) and Self-healing Mats in Extra Large: 36" x 24" (larger than A1). The translucent mats are available up to 36x48” in size and the green & black mats up to 48 x 96” in size. Easy-to-read measuring grid on both sides means you can turn the mat over for double the usage. Available with optional grid , this translucent, non-glare cutting mat doesn't gouge so every cut is how you want it while protecting your work tables. The Self-healing Cutting Mats are made of a unique multi ply composite vinyl with self healing properties. No plastic is truly self healing. Cutting Mats | Please Note: We are currently experiencing a large volume of orders and shipping is taking longer. Select options. We suggest cutting on the textured side to aid grip. Mat custom size 36" x 45" Our Heavy Duty and SupaSeal Cutting mats also make great workbench protection. Metric and imperial cutting mat. All other sizes are available with 1" alignment grids only. If you own a Silhouette or Cricut machine, then you may find one or more of the mats in this best self healing cutting mats review helpful and convenient. We also have a cutting mat and other accessories for the Round-About System. Great Deals on Self Healing Cutting Mats, Discount Cutting Mats, Large Cutting Mats, Green Mats, Quilting Mats and more at SpeedPress® Sign Supply. 36" x 45" size mat without grid = Order 4896M (4' x 8') cut to 36" x 45" (Add the cut to size in the comment section on the order), Mat with grid 36" x 45" A self-healing mat with measuring grids on both sides gives you a work surface that outlasts other mats. For a larger cutting mat, try our Heavy Duty Cutting Mats, available in large sizes from 600x800mm to 3657x1828mm (12' x 6'), with plenty of sizes in-between, and a custom cut size option too. Unlike basic work surface protectors, self healing … This is a great cutting mat for automotive companies, packing suppliers, 3PL companies, or for virtually any industrial application where a premium workbench surface protection mat is required. Formerly known as the Signgeer SuperSize Pro, these super size cutting mats are perfect for trimming digital prints & graphics. It arrived rolled up but flattened out very quickly. Now you can cut razor straight on this thick, seamless mat. All mats except the 12”x12” are self-healing with proper use. But with CuttingMatsXXL, you won’t get any of that. Rhino large self-healing gridded cutting mats are perfect to cover and protect your production cutting table. Email:, © Copyright - 2019 Rhino (A Trading name of Cherwell Sign Supplies) |, Rhino Portable Sneeze Screens 6300 Series, Rhino Premium Counter Sneeze Screens 6700 Series, Rhino Premium Modular Sneeze Screens 6900 Series, Rhino Standard Sneeze Screens 7100 Series, Rhino Standard Angled Counter Screen 7300 Series, Rhino Premium POD Counter Screen 7800 Series, Education Sector Social Distancing Screens, Hospitality Sector Social Distancing Screens, Commercial Sector Social Distancing Screens. Discounted prices, large cutting mats, mats with grids, rotary cutting mats, self-healing cutting mats, custom cutting mats, oversize cutting mats, sewing cutting mats, quilting cutting mats, mats for cutting graphics. original self healing cutting mats A unique rollsroller self-healing cutting mat has been developed through many years according to our specifications and high demand for quality. Select options. For more information see our page on work bench protection mats. The Heavy Duty mats are the toughest, and therefore best for the very heavy-duty applications. Cutting mats are placed under the fabric to avoid damaging your work surface, while quilting rulers can help you cut straight, as well as provide precise measurements. Use your self-healing mat in place of your cutting plates in your die cutting machines. Essential for patchwork and ideal for all sorts of paper craft, the cutting mat protect your table surfaces and prolong the life of your rotary blade. Includes 2 - 23 x 35" when joined make a massive 70" x 23" cutting mat..! Five layers … Self Healing Cutting Mat: Large (24" x 36") Our largest Cutting Mat is perfectly sized for cutting full widths of fabric right off the bolt, extra-large fabric squares and long fabric strips. Now you can cut razor straight on this thick, seamless mat. Durable, long-lasting thick, seamless. This is placed under the mat. Terms & Conditions Its clear properties make it a great choice where illumination from underneath is required. The mats are 3mm thick, reversible with alignment grid on both sides. Extra large cutting mats now available up to 3.6 x 1.5M. Thank You!”, Home Cutting Mat Sample Pack Our mats have slight textured finish. Farm Road, Cutting mats. Our Green Cutting Mats are the best suited to rotary cutting tools and rotary cutting machines, and make a superb rotary cutting mat. Large self-healing gridded cutting mat is perfect for sign shops, framers, printers, photographers, designers, quilting, sewing, model making, and more. With this self healing cutting mat, it is easy to make cuts in varying degrees like 30, 45, and 60 as clear angle lines support it. Translucent, non-glare mat looks and functions great. These extra large cutting mats are perfect for your production table allowing you to make repeated straight cuts on this 180 guage, seamless large cutting mat. Each of our cutting mats is specially designed to provide a long-lasting surface for you to utilise in your workshop or industrial space, providing you with a cutting mat solution that is both affordable and effective over a long period of time. For most projects that require a free hand cutting tool, a Craft Cutting Mat is a must-have! Need help for easy, straight cuts, consider the aid of the alignment grid (1" squares) (The grids are used for lining things up not intended for accurate measuring). About Rhino Five layers … At CraftOnline, we have a wide variety of Cutting Mats ranging in different sizes, styles, colours as well as hard and soft (self-healing) surfaces and multipurpose designs. For small hobby projects, our Rhino Green Cutting Mat is perfect. Its thickness is ⅛” (3mm) and it comes in the color black. The mats are also useful for workers who need to maintain accurate cutting lines. A majority of these soft surface mats are made with a thin vinyl layer on the cutting surface. Scale divisions (1/16, 1/8, 1/4 and 1/2) inch. Alvin Deluxe Professional Self-Healing Cutting Mat - 0:52 #2. Large, self-healing cutting mats can be made up to 20m in length and they have a quality thickness or height of 5mm. Super size cutting mats are rolled up for easy shipping via UPS. It is designed for large scale cutting, to protect your work bench and your blades. Shipping Charges: Shipping charges are not quoted over the phone. Available in standard pre-cut lengths from 1 metre to 6 metres. Available in standard pre-cut lengths from 1 metre to 6 metres. If a small cutting mat is required, the Green Cutting Mat range is your best option. Constructed from 180 gauge virgin seamless polyurethane which means your blades will last longer as you need less pressure to cut through, and you get MUCH smoother cuts when trimming. Self healing cutting mats protect work surfaces from the cutting marks caused by knives, rotary blades, and similar instruments. If you use a rotary cutting tool like the OLFA RTY-2/DX 45mm with your cutting mat, you will want to be sure that you're choosing the best cutting mat for rotary cutting tools. Self-healing cutting mats give straighter cuts, as the cutting tool blade will not slip into the groves of previous cuts. This saves you a lot of money and contributes to a better environment. Foldable cutting mat $ 29.09 – $ 35.99. Huge Inventory. The new Iron Man Table is custom made for cutting large format art. Green Cutting Mats are available in A4 (297x210mm), A3 (420x297mm), A2 (594x420mm), A1 (841x594mm), and A0 (1189x841mm). We recommend using the Martelli Ergo Cutter with these mats. A necessity for today’s quilter, these self-healing cutting mats will provide you with years and years of service. Self-Healing Cutting Mats Extra Large. All other cutting mats we’ve tried have been ruined in a matter of weeks but this heavy duty option is still holding strong after 6 months of heavy use. This finish minimizes the possibility that the surface can be cut. Fast Shipping. Straight line cuts only. Warranty Olfa Self Healing Cutting Mat. Self-healing cuttings mats last for years if used correctly, and cheaper options will prove a false economy in the long run. The Cutting Mats (4896DP and 60120DP) Print on Grid are not recommend for use with rotary cutters. Sew Easy Cutting Mats … Or It can be added in the comment section on the order form for approval before shipping. extra large cutting mat Large professional quality, self-healing cutting mat, double-sided with 34x22 inches both sides with multi-angled grid lines. 4' x 10' and 4' x 12' are also one piece with no scales. My Account, Cutting Mats Double sided self healing cutting mat $ 16.49 – $ 38.79. A self-healing mat will also increase the life-span of your cutting tools or cutting machines, giving a further cost saving. This way, you will be able to extend the lifespan. Select options. Rhino have spent over 15 years developing the most durable and versatile self-healing cutting mats on the market. This is a fantastic cutting mat. 2' x 4' and 4' x 8' are one piece and have scales of all four sides. Top 5 Best Self Healing Mats featured in this video: 0:18 #1. These mats are handy when you do a lot of sewing or want to cut several items at once. 4' x 6' is also one piece and has scales on only three side (left, top and bottom scales). Brackley, Northants NN13 7AW, Telephone: 01280 840293 About The Mat Each mat is 1.5mm thick, double sided and constructed with a triple-layer heat welding process for long life. The tape is to be mounted on the top surface. simple. All other sizes are two pieces with no scales. SELF-HEALING CUTTING MAT - EXTRA LARGE 36 x 48" (size A0)! (No charge for cutting to custom sizes). This green self-healing professional quality rotary mats with clips to attach securely together. The large size makes cutting pattern pieces for large garments (coats, dresses, etc.) 36" x 45" size mat with grid = Order 4896GM (4' x 8') cut to 36" x 45" (Add the cut to size in the comment section on the order). Blog The product is non-slip, making it easy to cut your material safely and precisely and achieve the high quality of work you intended. Extra durable green rotary cutting mat is perfect for quilting, sewing, and fabrics. Cutting Mats. Extra-large mat provides ample space for all your fabric-cutting needs. Custom designed for usability after extensive study of what customers want. Choose from cutting mats in sizes of 12”x12”, 18”x24”, 26”x38”, and 30”x60”. Metric cutting mat $ 17.99 – $ 36.99. Price Match Promise, Cherwell House We use rotary cutters and often run over the same lines on the mat hundreds of times a day. You'll never want another mat after using this one. Contact Us The best protection is to use a very sharp tool, this requires the least amount of pressure for cutting. These extra large sheet mats come as standard at average workbench sizes for your convenience, or can be custom cut to size to your bespoke requirements (size or shape!) Made from a unique composite PVC vinyl material, great for both rotary and straight utility knives. From a more cost effective translucent equivalent to the well-known Rhino Cutting Mats to a transparent "Off the Roll" Double Sided Cutting mat to Green Self-healing Craft cutting mats! High-quality, self-healing cutting mats last longer than other mat surfaces, while our clear, acrylic rulers come with easy-to-read markings for accurate measurements. All of our Large cutting mats can also be flipped! The translucent non-glare surface is perfect for sign-makers, designers, tool makers, graphic artistic, printers, clothing makers, hobbyists, and model makers. The mat measures 24” x … It is much thicker than other self-healing mats I've used, so uneven surfaces under the mat aren't noticeable. Privacy Policy This works in both electronic and manual machines. Widely used in a host of different environments from schools to craft colleges, the Green Cutting Mat is naturally self-healing, affordable and lightweight, making it perfect as a portable option. Grids: ECO Policy Our Rhino large cutting mats are heavy-duty and longer lasting than other brands. 4’ x 2’ & 4’ x 8’ sizes are available with 1" alignment grids with scales. Note: The term self healing has number of different meanings. extra large cutting mat Large professional quality, self-healing cutting mat, double-sided with 34x22 inches both sides with multi-angled grid lines. **, Cyber-Fabric™ 17" x 18" Magnetic Wiping Cloth, Material: Translucent, High Density Polyethylene, Suitable for cutting with rotary cutters and utility knives. **Prices, images and specifications subject to change without notice. Green Cutting mats are also available in a large size 2000x1000mm, or else they can be cut to a custom size. Delivery Ranging from extra large up to 2.2m wide, up to 20m in length down to A5 size 220mm x 150mm. Custom cut mats and grids are not returnable. The Super Size, self-healing mat is perfect for your production tables. This holds that the mat actually repairs itself after a cut has been made, leaving space for another cut along a different line. Side note: The most common types of cutting blades used on self-healing mats are rotary or solid blades. The Large Cutting Mats can cover an entire table or work bench. However, if you need a larger rotary cutting mat, then the Heavy Duty Cutting Mats range are also well suited to rotary cutters – to quote one of our clients: “Hi! We have been using one of your heavy duty cutting mats for a few months now and it has been a revelation. Great for flat-bed laminator/roller tables, these make a great cutting mat for printers and sign makers. Self-healing mat provides a cutting surface that lasts longer than others. All of our cutting mats are self-healing. Buckingham Road Industrial Estate, Mats and Mats with grids can be cut to custom size, priced from standard size. Designed for use with OLFA rotary cutters, these cutting mats help protect cutting surfaces and extend the life of the rotary blade. Check the box for the product, then add to the cart. Looking for a self-healing cutting mat that will last for years, and protect your work-surface and tools from damage? The SupaSeal are great if a clear workbench mat is required. Tabletop Cutting Mat, assorted sizes. Cutting mats. Ideal for covering and protecting large work surfaces. The SupaSeal mats are tough, but are not quite so hard-wearing as the Heavy Duty range. For accurate measuring use the Center Point Tape, CT-12' Sticky Tape and centering rulers. Its grids are made ½” to ease the process of cropping photos and measuring. Specially designed for use with OLFA rotary cutters. Fiskars 24" x 36" Self Healing Cutting Mat. The widest range of cutting mats on the market, we can supply any size! Unlike aluminum cutting mats and other substrates, your blades will not fall into previous cuts, creating unwanted trims. Self Healing Mats: The most popular cutting mats made from thinner and flexible materials. To learn how our self-healing cutting mats are manufactured, how to use them correctly, and which kinds of self-healing cutting mats work best for various applications, view this blog post. 5 layer PVC mat, finest and most durable available for all forms of arts, … Or for the largest cutting mat options, and for long workbench cutting mats, try our extra-large SupaSeal Clear Cutting Mats, available in 5 widths (1 metre to 2.2 metre), and cut to custom lengths up to 20 metres long! A sharp cutting tool, will require the least amount of pressure for cutting. We list a variety of self healing cutting mats in this review because the products have numerous benefits. Or for the largest cutting mat options, and for long workbench cutting mats, try our extra-large SupaSeal Clear Cutting Mats, available in 5 widths (1 metre to 2.2 metre), and cut to custom lengths up to 20 metres long! Included with the cutting mat is a grid underlay sheet made of styrene that is printed with 1" alignments so you can easily line up your items for accurate cuts. Made from a relatively soft, light material, it self-heals beautifully and stays looking great for years. You can make a cut, then another cut a hair away, mat doesn't gouge so every cut is flawlessly straight. SUPER SIZED For Large Projects. They are available in sizes up to 6x12 foot and 4x16 foot. For cutting mats the terms define the cutting surface. Our Cutting Mats are unique, in the sense that we manufacture large mats that are considered Self-Healing. At 5mm thick, the Rhino SupaSeal Clear Cutting Mat is suited to almost all industrial situations from laminator tables through to food preparation.

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