In a recent campus-wide email, Technology Solutions announced the newest addition of's speech-to-text function on Zoom for users. The new feature is part of Otter Lie Notes that was introduced for Zoom subscribers earlier this year. is a real-time voice transcription service that works within the Zoom architecture. The integration with the two popular platforms builds upon an existing relationship between the two that enables Zoom participants to open a secure, live, interactive transcript directly from a video call or after a meeting. Live Video Meeting Notes for Zoom ‘Live Transcription,’ lets meeting attendees open transcripts during a live call and highlight, comment, as well as add photos to live meeting notes. Use Otter Voice Meeting Notes at or download it on iOS or Android. We are excited to be partnering with, the leader in AI for voice conversations, to enrich the Zoom user experience with live transcription." Otter usage with Zoom meetings has increased five-fold in the past few weeks, as most companies moved to remote work environments due to the pandemic, according to Contacts. Supplied. However, the ability to do Live transcribe will cost you. Dubbed as live video captioning, the feature is provided by online transcription service company that already has its Live Notes integrated to platform for users with premium plans. What it’s all about Otter Live Notes is a new feature that enables Zoom meeting hosts to provide live transcription and collaborative note-taking to all participants to improve collaboration. The partnership between and Zoom will help in improving the services being provided, along with information availability instantly. is a Los Altos, California-based technology company that develops speech to text transcription applications using artificial intelligence and machine learning. Otter has had a batch transcription integration with Zoom for a while, so you could get meetings transcribed after the fact with low effort. In an interview on CNBC’s Squawk Alley, founder and CEO of, Sam Liang spoke on the new partnership with Zoom to transcribe live calls. By way of integrating with its video products and services, Zoom is, in impact, catching as much as competition and taking out a key differentiator between the 3 platforms. It gives meeting participants a way to record and review notes from their videoconferences. To boost collaboration, as well as helping to meet accessibility needs, Otter Live Captions for Zoom adds AI closed captioning in real-time for Zoom meetings and webinars. for ConferZoom. The latest iteration of speech technology deployed by Zoom reduces errors by 15% across all types of conversations and yields 18% fewer errors for phone calls. Do note, is offering a free 2-month trial of Otter … The new feature is part of Otter Lie Notes that was introduced for Zoom subscribers earlier this year.Live captioning powered by O Zoom has partnered with for live captions on the video conferencing platform. Zoom users will now be able to enable live captioning in their video meetings. Meeting participants can click a button to see live captions directly via their Zoom window. For this, you need to be subscribed to Otter for Teams subscriptions plan that costs $30 per user per month, and also the Zoom Pro plan that is priced at $14.99 per month. Video conferencing platform Zoom has partnered with speech-to-text transcription app to support live transcriptions of meetings. Transcription of Zoom meetings using Zoom and the Otter Ai app - Duration: 12:28. Josh Blackman | 10.29.2020 9:00 … ORLANDO, Fla. (PRWEB) March 19, 2019 ENTERPRISE CONNECT -, creator of Otter, an AI-powered real time transcription and collaboration service, powered Zoom Live Transcription, demonstrated on stage by Zoom Video Communications, Inc. at Enterprise Connect. 12:28. Its software, called Otter, shows captions for live speakers, and generates written transcriptions of the speeches. is backed by the first investors at Google, Tesla, DeepMind, and Facebook. Following a call, end users can leverage ‘Post-Meeting Transcription,’ the automatic downloading of Zoom cloud recordings for transcription. Zoom, live captions and what it all means for workplace accessibility launched a live meeting caption capability on Zoom, a step welcomed by accessibility experts. Zoom meetings: You can now add live captions to your call – and they actually work. After an initial partnership announced in April, has again collaborated with Zoom to offer users live video captioning for conference calls and webinars. and Zoom have a longstanding partnership, so existing Zoom users can already sync their recordings using Otter Voice Meeting Notes. It gives meeting participants a way to record and review notes from their videoconferences. It is a transcription service using artificial intelligence. The company has now launched live video captions feature for Zoom calls, with the help of which users will be able to reduce the chances of miscommunication during conference calls … (Image credit: Live Video Meeting Notes is a paid feature included in the Otter for Teams plan, with no additional per-minute fees. Sam Liang, CEO and co-founder. Zoom, the video conferencing platform, is adding a new tool that aims to eliminate miscommunication during live video calls. says the new Zoom feature set is only one of several video conferencing integrations it has in the works, but didn’t provide details on what other services may be supported in … announced the launch of live video captioning for conference calls and webinars. Technology company has brought live captions to Zoom calls, to … Speech recognition and transcription provider has launched a new live video captioning services for videoconferencing calls and webinars on Zoom.. Zoom has partnered with for live captions on the video conferencing platform. includes captions at no additional cost to Zoom users of Otter for Teams boosting productivity and accuracy during remote work. Otter.AI is one of the most prominent AI transcribing and captioning software in the world. Otter Live Notes automatically starts recording and transcribing when the Zoom meeting begins and enables participants to view a real-time transcription so they can follow along. live video captioning feature has been launched for Otter for Business and Zoom Pro subscribers. The whole system has been designed with machine learning algorithms (speech-speech-to text), which will have an improvement over time, allowing even people in remote areas to engage in video meetings. will automatically add closed-captions to your Zoom screen, and create an interactive transcript in real time. Zoom users will now be able to enable live captioning in their video meetings. provides real-time transcripts (captions) for you and your students when linked to your licensed ConferZoom account.The live transcript is displayed inside of a web browser window, outside of Confer Zoom. Contact: [email protected] Mari Mineta Clapp +1 408 398-6433 David Claxton +1 617 952 3059 Ryan Waters +44 7830 105676 Otter Notes in 17 minutes - Duration: 17:11. “Augmentation using AI is the future of online meetings. According to Zoom CEO Eric Yuan, daily usage has risen from a previous high of ten million, to 200 million in March, as many rely on video conferencing for remote working, home education and socialising. A more holistic accessibility approach is needed in the workplace. Change Grow Achieve 683 views. Learn more about enabling real-time transcriptions in Zoom and syncing Zoom cloud recordings with Otter.

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