The owners of the company went on the popular show in 2015 and struck a deal (which later fell apart, apparently). Spikeball, which has grown from a local backyard toy to a national craze, appeared on the season finale of "Shark Tank" last week and scored one of the biggest deals in the show's history. I'd spent the previous two years on the Entrepreneurs team, following six years. Spikeball on Shark Tank. Could it be that, no, the producers of both Shows wouldn’t try teaming up on a Brand New Sport growing at a phenomenal rate, would they? SpikeBrite™ attaches to the top of your set’s legs. Promote the heck out of Spikeball. We even give away some of the Shark Tank products every once and a while! Batteries last over 2 … History of Spikeball. Your ability to play is no longer determined by the movement of the sun. The video below was just posted last Month from a Spike Ball Tournament held in Santa Monica, California attracting a new record crowd. I'd spent the previous two years on the Entrepreneurs team, following six years writing for the Leadership channel. Susan Adams: Where did you get the idea for Spikeball? As part of the show, they did come to an agreement for a 20% stake in Spikeball for $500,000. Adams: Did you launch your company right away? If you want to stay updated on the newest Shark Tank info, be sure to join our free email newsletter below. Ruder: For five years, I’d come home from my job at six, hang out with my wife and three young kids until nine and then work on Spikeball until two in the morning. We didn’t need the money. As far as Spike Ball getting a deal on the Shark Tank Season 6 Finale, they timed the audition pitch about as perfect as it could get. It was recently featured on Shark Tank and is affordable, portable and flexible enough to be played almost anywhere! :’), Spike Ball WebsiteFaceBook (Over 20,600 “Like’s” before Shark Tank Season 6 Finale)Twitter+Spikeball Pro Training. He’d built FUBU into a major brand and I hoped I was getting his brain power. WHY PEOPLE LOVE IT Two years later he scored a spot on ABC’s hit business pitch show Shark Tank where seven million viewers watched him strike a $500,000 deal with urban apparel entrepreneur Daymond John. Players Of All Ages Can Enjoy The Game On Grass, Sand Or Indoors. This unique game is played by serving and hitting the ball off the net for a series of volleys until one team reaches 21 points. But we got a $500,000 deal with Daymond John for 20% of the company. In this interview, which has been edited and condensed, Ruder, 41, describes how he built Spikeball despite knowing nothing about manufacturing, marketing or sports product sales, and what happened when his Shark Tank deal fell apart. Before that I covered law and lawyers for journalistic stickler, harsh taskmaster and the best teacher a young reporter could have had, Steven Brill. All Rights Reserved, This is a BETA experience. Chris Ruder: On a trip to Hawaii in 2013, some friends and I had an absolute blast playing Spikeball on the beach for five days. This two on two high-intensity sport is a mashup of volleyball and foursquare. It was only on the market for two years. The game starts with a serve, then teams have up to three touches on the ball before […] It was reborn in 2008, when current Spikeball CEO Chris Ruder acquired the brand and relaunched it, greatly aided by appearing on an episode of ABC's "Shark Tank." Our product is viral. Corporate Address:(please do not send payments to this address as we do not support physical checks for payment in the mail) 2045 W Grand Ave. Ste B #59022 Chicago, IL 60612-1577 John has been a long time Shark Tank fan. Several Colleges including Harvard Business School already compete in the East Coast Competitions as Spike Ball continues to gain more popularity. Today the company is riding the wave of a recent "Shark Tank" episode on … But after you shoot, for months you don’t know if your segment will air. Adams: What happened when you filmed your segment? That was our marketing for the first five years. A decade ago, Chris Ruder and six buddies set out to revive Spikeball, an obscure 1980s lawn and beach game designed by a toymaker and cartoonist named Jeff Knurek who didn’t bother to patent his invention. Mr. I got my job at Forbes through a brilliant libertarian economist, Susan Lee, whom I used to put on television at MacNeil/Lehrer NewsHour. Adams: Were you upset your partners dumped all the work on you? Put these two together (again) and you have the makings of “The Fight of the Century” Billionaire Style. Chris Ruder is in the black T-shirt. Adams: How did that get you into retail stores? What is the main reason for it’s success after appearing on the Show? It won’t even cost you a hundred bucks to watch! Ruder: We just threw a dart. What they didn’t know: the deal had fallen apart months before the show aired. Wonderful will also see the full potential of the Spike Ball Movement and most likely try partnering with one of the billionaire Sharks. Strangers kept walking up to us and asking the same three questions: What’s that game? Each team gets three chances to smack the ball into the net. Ruder: We answered the phone. But our deal was dead before the show aired in May 2015. Over 100 Spike Ball Tournaments was hosted just last year attracting over 1000 nationally ranked teams competing in this challenging new sport. Unbelievably the correct answer was posted within two minutes, which, of course, is the ZipZ Wines deal with Kevin O’Leary. If we made a Spiderman-branded set, my fear was that people would think it was a toy.That cheapened the product for me. The producers care about entertainment value. Bundle of 2 items: Spikeball Pro Kit + Spikebuoy; AS SEEN ON SHARK TANK – Spikeball is a fun, active, and competitive (if you want it to be) 2 on 2 outdoor indoor sports game played on college campuses, tailgates, the lawn, yard, backyard, beach or gym with rules kind of like volleyball. My partners said we needed to charge $50, and that we could always come down. Try to picture playing volleyball and four square at the same time with a hacky-sack on a mini trampoline and you might also wonder wtf. Playing Spike Ball is kind of like playing a game of 2-on-2 volleyball. Spikeball Standard Three Ball Set. Spikeball Pro Kit (Tournament Edition) - Includes Upgraded Stronger Playing Net, New Balls Designed to Add Spin, Portable Ball Pump Gauge, Backpack - As Seen on Shark Tank TV Visit the Spikeball Store If you’re boring you’re not going to make it on air. The sharks care about the quality of your business. Ruder: In September 2013, we hit $1 million in annual revenue with zero full-time employees. She manages the customer service team on the retail side making sure all is happy in the land of ‘Stores-That-Carry-Spikeball’. One set donated for every 4 sets sold. We had all agreed we’d do equal amounts but six months after they wrote the checks, the others didn’t want to do any work. At Forbes magazine I also did a stint editing the lifestyle section and I used to edit opinion pieces by the likes of John Bogle and Gordon Bethune. On SpikeBall’s Face Book page, He recently had a Shark Tank Quiz with the winner receiving a Free Spike Ball Combination Set. In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me if all the Sharks would like to invest in the Spoke Ball Game providing it has a realistic valuation at this stage of the game. Ruder: At first we just talked about it. You may opt-out by. I’ve been at Forbes since 1995, writing about everything from books to billionaires. Spikeball Pro Kit (Tournament Edition) - Includes Upgraded Stronger Playing Net, New Balls Designed to Add Spin, Portable Ball Pump Gauge, Backpack - As Seen on Shark Tank TV 4.8 out of 5 stars 2,299 We had to submit paperwork and an iPhone video of ourselves doing our practice pitch. Then REI called and Modell’s and then Big Five. In fact, Spikeball is THE new competition sport and yard game and has become even more well-known for its appearance on the television show Shark Tank. Spikeball, as seen on Shark Tank, involves 2 on 2 action with a trampoline net in the center of 4 players. I’m a senior editor in charge of Forbes’ education coverage. There were no hard feelings. When asked to describe the game, we say that if volleyball and foursquare had a baby, it’d be named Spikeball™. For the first five years, we were 100% ecommerce, mostly from and a little bit from Amazon. How do I play it? Spikeball follows the concept of volleyball but with a round net on the ground. Features Compatible with Pro and standard Spikeball sets. Uphold our values. Product Description As seen on shark tank – Spikeball is a fun, active and competitive (if you want it to be) 2 on 2 outdoor or indoor game with rules similar to volleyball.
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