DCS replacement 4 spark module uses 9 volt battery and switch - button mounted in the control panel. Older DCS BBQ grills and other gas grill models. Replacement BBQ and Gas Grill Igniters for DCS. The 8.5 inch radiant rods were used on some of the very early DCS models that moved away from lava rocks. Left Side Mounting Collector Box Bracket with Electrode. Shafts can also be trimmed to desired length). When safety valve, button cover and bezel are selected together, a partial refund will be applied at shipping because DCS has had disproportionate price increases. Like the black synthetic spacers used today, original DCS grills used these ceramic spacers to protect hood handle supports from heat. Roller bracket replacement support for rotisserie spit rod. This is the original warming grid design that slides into channels on the right and left side of the grill. We are currently experiencing delivery delays due to higher than normal courier parcel volumes. AllPartsGrills has all the electric components to fix and repair your grill. Nine volt module has 6 outlets to control up to 6 electrodes. Barbecue Grill igniters are the ignition source for your BBQ. Orifice for DCS infrared vertical rotisserie burner. Use this module in the 27 inch and 26 inch DCS gas grill … Replacement Bezel for Many DCS gas barbecue grill models. 48" DCS Gas Grill heavy vinyl cover for forty-eight inch DCS gas grill on DCS portable cart. Old barbecue grill models with right side and left side collector box igniter electrodes use this electrode. Bracket installs right side of DCS rotisserie and rollers attach for clean spit rod movement. Replacement regulator for Natural Gas Grill with 1/2 inch female pipe thread attachments. Replacement Stainless Steel Heat Shield For DCS 27DBQ, 27DBQR, 27DBR, 27DSBQ, 27DSBQR, 27FSBQ, 27FSBQR, 36DBQ, 36EBQAR, 48DBQ Gas Grill Models DCS Stainless Steel Heat Shield BBQ Parts Factory is a We sell High Quality Original And Replacement Bbq Parts And Grill Parts For DCS Gas Grill Models. These T handles thread into the mounting block and press against the motor posts to hold the motor solidly mounted to the grill. Rotisserie igniter electrode with electrode wire long enough for the 36 and 48 inch DCS models. We'll drill these Blank orifices if the regulator is included in the transaction with the orifices. Easily find parts by your model number. GAS IGNITER BLACK BUTTON (PKD) $ 10.22 In stock Available from Currently out of stock Delivery Edit US Delivery location unknown Please enter your ZIP … Replacement electric all in-one spark generater module. Shop our selection of DCS Grill accessories to enhance your outdoor grilling space. This sale is for the tray itself - use the old hanlde and face plate or call us to order the entire assembly. GrillSpot offers a large selection of DCS Barbecue Grill igniters, electrodes and collector boxes. Replacing Ignition on Replacement orifice and gas line mounting bracket for DCS infrared rotisserie burner. DCS E models were not manufactured or sold for very long. If you don't know your model number, you can review all of the DCS Igniter Components we carry on this page. ceramic electrode with wire for older model Black plastic DCS control knob. We use this bezel with the smaller black knobs 211043 above and the satin finish knobs on the BGA and BGB models which mount right on top of them. Questions? greater than 2.1875”. 20 inches long with One Female spade connector and One Round Female Connector for a simple fit to any of the male spades on these gas bbq grill ignition electrodes that needs to attach to a rotary module. Working with Fisher and Paykel is difficult. (1) 1 product ratings - DCS GRILL RADIANT TRAY W/ CERAMIC RODS ONE COMPLETE SET BGB36 BGB48 BGA36 BGA48 Pack of 10 ceramic radiants dcs conduct for even distribution and grilling surface temperatures. 36" LP Hose Regulator. DCS Replacement Caster Wheel without locking brake. Click here for testing and repair instructions. The elbow bolts to the rotisserie venturi and the orifice attaches to the tip. Module installs with 2 small screws in control panel and has a single outlet for electrode to plug into. This is good for the 48 inch models with side burners, rotisserie, smoker and grill burners that use 8 electrode igniters. Consult your Owner's Manual if you still cannot locate your model number. The rotisserie uses a safety valve with a thermocouple so this valve will not work for a rotisserie but the grill valves are al the same BTU and the same size at the manifold so this valve should work with all models of DCS. The tip comes extra long to be clipped on site for setting the gap. Rotisserie Motor For DCS BGB model barbecue grills. The DCS-36D and the DCS-48-D models that ended with BQR and BQAR started with these 8.5 inch radiant rods. This was the perfect replacement for the old non-working igniter on our DCS BBQ. Ceramic radiants dcs for even heat distribution and radiant heat at the grilling surface to achieve searing temperatures. Electrode only. The older design had a removable handle. There is no difference between NG or LP in the manifold. This replacement transformer is the 24v transformer replacement inside the electrocal box on the DCS E model. Ten Foot Quick Connect Gas Hose. Get outdoors for some landscaping or spruce up your garden! Cover can also fit grill with integrated double side burner. DCS barbecues with right-side and left-side electrode igniters and collector box brackets. DCS smoker drawer details. Class-Leading Warranty Our grills are built to last and come with two years coverage on parts and labor and a lifetime warranty on grill burners, hoods, cooking grates, burner box and racks (excluding discoloration or … As an authorized DCS dealer , we carry a large variety of DCS gas grills , as well as all parts necessary for a fast repair or replacement. We're here to help! The 10 1/2 inch by 16 1/2 inch size fits the DCS gas grill that is 27 inches wide. For Instance: DCS36D is a D model. DCS started the high-end stainless steel gas barbeque grill trend by designing and supporting gas grills that lasted longer and performed better than any other barbeque grill 25 years ago. This valve fits all of the DCS grills. Generally, the only reason to change an orifice is because the gas type is changing. GrillSpot Universal Fit parts are great alternatives to OEM parts. Replacement chrome end cap bolts to DCS barbecue hood to hold the hood handle in place. Push button replacement button for DCS barbecues with a 9 volt battery ignition system. These are usually found on larger sized infrared grills and should be used on any low pressure LP appliance pulling more than 65,000 BTU from a residential portable LP tank. Safety button fits on button for DCS rotisserie safety valve. Pneumatic gas line is 3/8 flared female and 3/8 flared pipe thread but ships with thread adaptors for 1/2 pipe to fit the DCS manifold and regulator when ordered together. Many DCS36D models have cast iron burners and lava rock trays but many have stainless steel burners and porcelain rods like the later BG, BGA and BGB model grills. Replacement DCS Axl Spacer installs between solid 6 inch wheel and cart axle. LP regulator with two hoses for side burner and bbq grill connection. Rods only need to be replaced when broken. This grill has been discontinued for over five years but there are a lot of them in use. Get it as soon as Sat, Oct 10. 47 inch wire with female spade and square plastic Twenty Years Ago DCS had Hot Surface glow plug ignition electrodes which most high-end BBQ grill companies are only just learning how to install today. In-Line Liquid Propane Appliance Regulator. Rollers are shown above and are not included. Three Foot extension hose with 3/8 inch flared female ends. Solid Eight Inch Wheel. The protection panel is curved to wrap around the top of the grill ledge above the rotisserie burner. The Rotisserie control valve does not have an orifice because the orifice attaches to the installation elbox at the venturi of the burner. DCS Gas Grill Igniter Electrode And Collector Box Bracket. Use this module in the 27 inch and 26 inch DCS gas grill models that need a 2 spark or 4 spark igniter module. This male threaded regulator is callede a POL attachment and was the standard for LP consumer fittings before the safety features needed a new way to denote added safety mechanisms in the LP cylinder. DCS grills have had several different rotisserie motor designs. The stainless spacer is one inch long and 5/8 inch outside diameter. DCS Igniters, Electrodes & Collector Boxes Barbecue Grill igniters are the ignition source for your BBQ. Two larger spades connect momentary button(s). Rotisserie thermocouple and ignition electrode cover. FREE Shipping by Amazon. connectors, used with dcs battery powered spark generators. Above the spit rod mount is a halogen light that has its own switch so the light can be used independent of the rotisserie motor. This is the porcelain coated protective cover that mounts on top of the infrared rotisserie burner in the DCS "A" models and some others. When using a large permanent propane tank the gas line will connect to the barbecue with this low-pressure appliance regulator. $27.59$27.59. Carryover Tubes & Burner Brace Assemblies, Heat Plates, Flame Tamers, Heat Tents & Radiants, DCS Igniters, Electrodes & Collector Boxes. Fitting is 3/8 inch flared female onthe hose and a QCC hand wheel on the regulator made to fit standard LP tank valves. However these grill parts are available to repair your DCS BBQ grill. Recieve promotions, grill maintenance tips, and recipes. Wow! This ignitor is designed for later model DCS BBQ grills with stainless steel burners but can also be used in older models. Black plastic DCS control knob 211043 slightly smaller than 2 inch diameter. This thermocouple is long enough for all DCS model rotisserie safety valves. 333 S Hawley Rd | Milwaukee, WI 53214 Tel:(800) 666-8200 Hours: Mon-Fri 8 Protection for the 16 inch Infrared Rotisserie Burner. Electrode with wide bracket and two installation holes for mounting. Button installed into control panel wires to this models. Our service technicians use this valve for everything DCS and we have not needed any other valve for the barbeque grills. Rollers attach to the rotisserie bracket so the rotisserie spit rod rolls smoothly. The DCS 8 inch wheel does not take air but is a Heavy, solid rubber wheel. Removing this switch requires removing the control panel and squeezing the sides to push back out of the control panel. This control knob is a Set Of Two Knobs fits some of the older models of DCS BBQ grills. Use with NG bbq grills and if converting a barbeque from LP (liquid propane) to natural gas. This tray is the newer design with the handle that is bent around from the top of the face plate. In lesser barbecues broquettes and lava rocks are used but the evenly spaced porcelain rods in a DCS collaborate to maximize heat distribution at the grilling surface. If the igniter or electronic ignition on your grill isn't working, chances are you do NOT need to shell out for new grill or a new igniter switch. Gas barbecue grill replacement parts are available for OCI and all other barbecue grill models and BBQ grill come with the additional support and assistance of highly trained, educated and experiences gas technicians. The electric ignition system works with a 9-volt battery to light the gas burners, eliminating push-button igniter systems that have mechanical parts that can fail. As BBQ igniters come in many different designs and configurations it is very important to select the one that is designed to fit your brand and model of barbecue. Contact us if this is needed. DCS Grill replacement parts and accessories are available at allpartsgrills. This smoker tray design had the ability to remove the handle and the faceplate. DCS replacement hood style orifice with #72 starter hole and 1/8 female pipe thread. Replacement 24 vac glow plug used in DCS E Model gas grills. This universal electrode can be used to retro-fit replace the igniter on the DCS smoker burner and the DCS infrared rotisserie burner. Includes six inserts (shafts) and set screw. This is the module used on the DCS 132 and 131 side burner range models but can also be used on some of the older DCS25, DCS26 and DCS 27. modles'. Partially refunded when selected with button and bezel below. DCS Rotisserie Motor. Thermocouple replacement for DCS models. When a built in DCS grill is installed in an outdoor kitchen with a side burner use this T fitting so a single gas line or a single tank will send gas the the DCS barbecie and the side burner together. two deluxe 4-prong heavy duty meat forks for Made to connect igniter electrodes and modules for Chargrillers, Great Outdoors, Jenn Air, Vermont Castings and others. Actual diameter is 8 inches with a half inch center axle hole. The Manifold is a black pipe that connects to the gas line to deliver gas to the control valves. BBQ Future 3 Pack Igniter Kit with Collector Box for DCS Gas Grill 27DBQ, 27DBQR, 27DBR, 27DSBQ, and OthersModels, Durable Grill Electrode Replacement. Ceramic radiant replacement 3 pack for DCS gas grills manufactured through the past ten years. Gas line goes into safety valve and out of safety valve to rotisserie burner. If you are having trouble locating your part or have any questions, please contact us. If you need a DCS replacement part that is not listed to ship to you on this page please contact Majestic Grill Parts at 954-2-Grill-2 which is also 954-247-4552 and we will add whatever grill parts you need. We also have the ignitor rotary, piezo and modules with nine volt battery holder that complete the DCS ignition assemply. 333 S Hawley Rd | Milwaukee, WI 53214 Tel:(800) 666-8200 Hours: Mon-Fri 8:30-5:00, Sat 9-1 This stainless steel replacement bracket accepts the rollers -- sold separately above -- and bolts to the side wall of the DCS grill as heavy rolling support for the spit rod. Don't see what you need for your DCS gas barbecue grill? If your DCS grill has a different configuration, please email us and let us know after placing the order so we ship the correct grill cover. half inch diameter spit. DCS Gas Grill Repair Parts DCS (Dynamic Cooking Systems) grills are a built-in favorite for grillers with outdoor kitchens, but they're also awesome on a portable cart. universal control knob designed to look like the DCS satin finish knob shown above. Infrared Rotisserie Burner. There is no difference between NG or LP in the manifold. If everything is in order, you may need to replace the ignition module. Gas hose connection is 3/8 flared female. Check overall diameter 2 inches or be sure to check model of DCS gas barbecue grill. Electronic 6-Outlet Ignition Module For Select DCS Mo... Electronic 4-Outlet Ignition Module For Select DCS Mo... DCS OEM Stainless Steel Electrode Mounting Bracket, DCS OEM Electronic 6-Outlet Battery Module, DCS OEM Electronic 4-Outlet Battery Module, 25-Inch Ignition Wire For Select DCS Models, DCS OEM Infrared Rotisserie Burner Electrode. The button unscrews to be able to remove and replace the AAA battery without removing the entire module. Replacement stainless steel smoker tray for DCS 36 and 48 inch barbecue grill models with smoker trays. Call For Stock Before Buying or Use K1002342 below. This is the bezel that is just larger than two inches inside diameter. Electrode wire for round connection. Stainless steel control knob fits DCS gas BBQ Grills. This is one used in the middle of DCS manufacturing when the popular "D" models were selling. Heat plate with cross over tube installs below DCS BBQ burner so the cross over tube is in between the burners. Piezo rotary ignitor with three outlets can be plugged in to 3 electrode wires to send sparks to three different electrodes from one turn of the knob. Unless you let us know otherwise this cover will ship with a full lenght cover designed for use with the 27 inch grill on a DCS cart with a single shelf mounted on one side as in the image posted here. Bracket has flat mounting panel with hole on one side and pin for mounting to collector box bracket on the other side of the electrode. Here we will find various electrodes and collector boxes that have ignited the gas burners as ignition assemblies changed over the years. If your igniter is not working check that the battery is good and that the electrodes are connected or not damaged. Replacement safety valve for DCS gas bbq grill rotisserie. DCS radiant rods conduct and augment heat for even distribution and searing grilling surface temperatures. These DCS BBQ grills plugged into an electrical outlet and used these glow plug electrodes capable of igniting the burners in any conditions. igniter details. The nut under the button holds the spark generator to the front control panel so only the button sticks through the barbecue grills panel. Compare the metal bracket to the bracket on your electrode. Hub cap is just slightly wider than five inches diameter. Side burner main jet holder. Just needed to partly open the front and drop down the box containing the old igniter, unscrew, pull out wires, plug wires into new igniter, rescrew into the box and slip the box back up. This is a safety device created for better and faster ignition or DCS gas grills. DCS grill parts 2 spark wire ignition rotary for older model DCS grills. Handle for stainless steel wood chip smoker from DCS. Buy exact-fit gas grill Igniters, Electrodes & Collector Boxes at GrillSpot the replacement BBQ Igniters, Electrodes & Collector Boxes grill store. This is the button that fits in to the 11050 bezel for the rotisserie valve and attached a top the valve button. Replacement 9-volt battery powered spark generator ignitor module used in DCS barbecue grill models with a D in the model. Hose and Regulator with POL attachment. This is the button that activateS the glow plug hot-surface electrodes which glow like a small lightbulb to ignite the grill burners. Hard white DCS briquettes come in a pack of twenty-four pieces. Find discounts and allowances on BBQ grills, kitchen stoves, and many other home appliances. Same result but two different styles. This fits older models of DCS BBQ grills. Check overall diameter approx 2 1/2 inches. DCS barbecues from 20 years ago are commonly still in use today because the gas grills were built so well. Uniflasy Ignition Electrode Grill Igniters Replacement Parts for Home Depot Nexgril 720-0830H, 720-0830D, 720-0888, 720-0888N and Most Nexgrill 5 Burner Grill Models 3.6 out of 5 … A DCS Grill puts you in control of up to a massive 92,500 BTU per hour total power. We're helpful and friendly Our warehouse is stocked full of parts for all kinds of appliances. Ceramic hood handle spacer used in DCS barbecues a log time ago. If your grill of choice is a DCS Grill, you can come to us with confidence to find DCS Grill parts for your grill. This type of module is the spark generator, the button, the battery holder and mounting bracket all in one product. DCS gas BBQ grills were the first high-quality, lifetime warrantied barbecue grill. Two stage regulators are used in gas barbecues with higher BTU flow than most -- as much as double the gas flow. Replacement DCS Warming Rack Grate for BGA 27 gas barbecue grill models. Shop a huge online selection at eBay.com. Check overall diameter approx 2 1/4 inches. The hole in the control panel is designed to allow the button to push into the opening. As the versions of models grew and features changed sometimes grills would change during the same model. The Manifold is a black pipe that connects to the gas line to deliver gas to the control valves. These originally had manual rotary ignitors (listed below) but changed to the 9 volt modules almost immediately. Support bracket installs on the Left side of the fire box to support revolving spit rod. Right Side Mounting Collector Box Bracket with Electrode. These forks clamp to rotisserie spit rod to hold food barbecuing evenly. 20" wire with female spade connectors. Please Know -- We Do Not Make The Price!! Thermocouple attaches to allow or to stop gas flow using millivolts generated by heat as a safety feature that stops gas leaks. The tube that slides under the level of the burners deflects grease to the drip tray below the barbeque grill. So a DCS27b-bqarl is 27" wide, second version of the 27, barbeque, rotisserie and plumbed for LP gas. These were recently listed No Longer Available and may not be for long. DCS Ignitor Electrode To Fit Smaller Left or Right Collector box. Whether developing the perfect crust on a prime rib, quickly searing a tuna steak or reverse-searing a roast, this is where the exceptional power of the DCS grill truly shines. Gas manifold for BGA 27 DCS models. The same size orifice fots this rotisserie elbow as the control valve orifices. Nine volt battery (not included). Call 954-247-4552 . Two wires attached 12 inches lon. This comes with two hoses coming out of one regulator and as one hose that splits If you can't find a part or accessory, just contact our friendly customer care team. Many of the barbecue grill covers for built in and cart mounted models are no longer made and are unavailable from this company who currently owns the "dcs" brand name. Spud style replacement gas orifice for BGB132, BGB131 and "E" model single and double DCS side burners. Rotisserie collector boxes mount on either the right side or the left side of the infrared rotisserie burner in order to support the thermocouple and electrode while hiding the wires and gas lines that attach to the controls and the burner. The metal rod can be bent or clipped depending on where the arc will be. The creamic rods and holders that come in most DCS grills take a beating & need to be replaced every few years, and burners seem to last around 5 … Replacement Hot Rod igniter for Traeger pellet grills Fits all full-size Traeger pellet grills Not compatible with Traeger PTG portable grills Easy installation requires no special tools or electrical knowledge Grill Valueparts REV360GI BBQ Replacement Electronic Battery Igniter Kit For Weber Spirit Grills (2009 – 2012).Fits Spirit E-210, E-310, E-320, EP-310, EP-320, SP-310, and SP-320; Works with Weber Gas Grill models 4411001 The LP or NG regulator pressure setting determines the drilled-opening size so we can only drill the orifices to the certified BTU rating if the orifices and regulator are together. Save on pre-bundled restoration kits for your barbecue grill. Electrode replacement kit for older DCS side burner. Gas line comes from front safety control valve around the barbecue to attach to the rotisserie burner venturi tube with an elbow bracket and threaded spud orifice. DCS replacement 4 spark module uses 9 volt battery and switch - button mounted in the control panel. High quality built in grill covers and portable cart grill weather covers, rotisserie burner kits, porcelain rods to conduct grilling heat and all DCS replacement parts to repair your Dynamic Cooking Systems gas barbecue grill are all located here on this page. The original model numbers started with DCS, then the size, succession and then features. T Fitting Detail. The stainless steel tube allows the gas flame to pass from one burner to another so burners will light off the flames of other barbecue burners even if the ignition electrode is not working. into two hoses. Fast & Free shipping on many items! The hood needs two of these end caps to hold the stainless pipe hood handle. Replacement BBQ grill parts for DCS model: BGB30-BQRN (pre 2006) BGB30-BQRN (pre 2006) Burners 12021-02-R I/R Burner,BGB30. This is both items and because the DCS 24 has not been made in many years they are very expensive. This hex-head is 7mm. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. DCS Replacement caster wheel with brake toggle switch on side to lock wheel. SHOP ALL DCS GRILL CLEARANCE SALES By Visiting Us Today @ Brandster.com or Call 1 (800) 357-5044 Shop On Brandster.com View Our Wide Selection of Outdoor Living Furniture & Decor Two Stage Propane Regulator with 24 Inch gas hose. Order from the listing below. This rotisserie motor installs on the Right Side of the grill with two posts that slide into a locking base. For Additional Electrode DCS specifications click here. The DCS 27 inch models usually had a few different configurations. Selectable D position, socket diameter (6mm or 8mm), and shaft length (flush, 0.25 or 1.625”. Replacement rotary ignitor with single outlet to fit Find out your DCS model number here by looking at how the DCS model number is made and learning about the evolution of the model by displaying features and benefits in the model numbers of DCS … The cover is still available...sometimes. Check your grill’s model number on these common product identification tag locations. New DCS Owners discontinued this knob. Later versions of the same models used the 9.5 inch radiant rods. DCS replacement rotisserie receiver bracket. We are a Like the newer BGB model rotisserie motors this motor installs with two posts on the bottom that slide into a bracket on the grill. #IG-33 - DCS Enclosed Electrode And Spark Box Assembly Wth 29-1/2" Wire (Replaces DCS OEM Part 211718) DETAILS #IG18B - 20" Igniter Wire, With 2 Female Flat Spade Connector Ends Shop great deals on DCS Grates Replacement Parts. DCS Grill Ignition has evolved over the years from rotary piezo ignition to glo-plug electric ignition to 9 volt or AA battery ignition. Smoke The flavor and complexity smoke imparts is something that cannot be achieved by any other method. DCS control valve. Gas manifold for BGA 26 DCS models. Dynamic Cooking Systems replacement parts for all models of DCS barbeque grill repair. Porcelain rods are still functional of they are dirty. 3/8 inch inner doameter for propane to split one gas line to 2 appliances. The best way to find the correct replacement Igniter Components for your DCS grill is to shop by DCS model number. Enjoy our money-back guarantee,1-year warranty & … Rotisserie gas line connection for gas orifice. This can fit old LP tanks And new LP cylinders. Electrode and stainless steel collector box for DCS 24 inch gas barbeque grill. Stainless steel single roller to repair rotisserie bracket. The single electrode lights both burners on the DCS double sideburner. Two foot long rubber gas hose. If everything is in order, you may need to replace the ignition module. Check your model or call for assistance as there are several models of 27 inch DCS gas grill. The DCS model E has a glo-plug ignition 10 years ago! These are going extinct and will soon be gone. DCS grill parts include DCS igniters, collector box, cast iron and stainless burner, cooking grids, rod trays and heat shields. T Handle designed to press against mounting posts on the bottom of the rotisserie motor. This is the almost-flat support bracket and rollers bolt through this support. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Click. LP hose with QCC-I type one regulator fits all grills 3/8 flared female fitting for grill manifold and 24 inch hose. Rotary 2-Outlet Piezo Ignition & Knob For Select DCS ... Rotary 1-Outlet Piezo Ignition Kit For Select DCS Models. Spit rod replacement handle for heavy duty DCS rotisserie spit rod. In order to verify the correct part for your grill, it is best to find your model number. DCS BBQ & Grill Replacement Parts This Independence Day, spend some quality time with your family by hosting a barbecue night. Thicker forks are for larger foods like roast, turkey, tenderloin, prime rib, etc. Replacement electrode comes with the collector box and electrode wire can fit All DCS grill models. Many of the DCS gas grill replacement parts that are rarely needed for grill repair are not listed here. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Just ask - No call centers! The goal is to absorb and radiate heat -- not look pretty.
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