Barklayya longifolia Barclaya longifolia description, photos, videos, keeping, breeding, sale, buy 2014-08-27 00:00:00. Feb 16, 2017 - Barclaya longifolia flower in rheophytic submersed habitat, Kapoe, Thailand - Aquatics and Rheophytes | Vertical Garden Patrick Blanc Discover (and save!) Cette plante ne nécessite pas de conditions particulières. Group. Synonyms Hydrostemma Wall. La quantité minimale pour pouvoir commander ce produit est 1. Posted by. Native to Southeast Asia, Barclaya longifolia is one of the easiest to grow red aquatic plants. Forum; FAQ; Calendar; Forum Actions. Barclaya is a genus of 3 - 4 species of flowering plants of the family Nymphaeaceae. Find help & information on Barclaya longifolia from the RHS ... make sure and cut off the stem of the flower when it starts to rise a few inches above substrate. If I had poor growth in Barclaya longifolia I might try some of these things: 1) pinch off all flower buds as soon as they appear. I have tried to grow Barclaya motleyi as well as Barclaya kunstleri and only manage to keep them alive for a limited amount of time as both of them require black water conditions of grow submerge in water. Ses feuillent pouvant atteindre facilement la soixantaine de centimètres, il est recommandé de lui prévoir une zone dégagée et plutôt dans le fond de l'aquarium. Origin: South East Asia. Download. Barclaya longifolia is native to a wide swath of Southern Asia. Archived. Superbe plante solitaire, à mettre au milieu de l'aquarium. Barclaya are aquatic plants native to tropical Asia. It has always been relatively uncommon in the North American hobby, where it can obtained through trade with fellow hobbyists, but is a bit more widely available elsewhere, where it is reproduced in nurseries. Barclaya longifolia is native to a wide swath of Southern Asia. Description: Barclaya longifolia is native to a wide swath of Southern Asia. 4. - bulb Max. 4) reduce other nutrients in the water column. Barclaya longifolia and Utricularia sp. It has always been relatively uncommon in the North American hobby, where it … The Orchid lily (Barclaya longifolia) is available in two colours, red or green, but both have a reddish hue on the underside of the leaf. Le pétiole de 3 à 10 cm supporte un limbe de … Common name Barclaya. The genus was named in honour of the American-born English brewer and patron of science Robert Barclay. Origin: South East Asia. Contests and Award Programs. Barclaya longifolia in rheophytic submersed habitat, Kapoe, Thailand. Nous contacter par la page de Contact - Tél : 04 86 36 12 44 - Contact. B. longifolia is a member of the Nymphaeaceae and is essentially a lotus that does not grow any floating leaves. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Au moment de sa plantation, il faut parfois faire preuve de patience car la Barclaya Longifolia peut se montrer timorée au début de son acclimatation dans l'aquarium et repartir ensuite de plus belle. With a little luck, the seeds may spread around your aquarium, and you may see little baby Barclaya plants sprout and grow! What's New? Barclaya longifolia is the easiest to care for from the Barclaya family of water lilies. It landed in a huge patch of Anubias and I was looking at it trying to figure out what kind of mutant Anubias flower I had created, when I saw where it had snapped off the Barclaya. 3) provide more potassium and/or in soft water add more magnesium. Barclaya longifolia, flower and ripe fruits, Takua Pa, Thailand. Toutes les plantes d'aquarium. Cette Barclaya pousse naturellement en Asie du Sud Est. Orchid lily in the spotlight . 2. Gardening. It flowers well in aquariums – even under water if the aquarium is so tall that the flower cannot reach the water surface. Liste des bacs où les membres cultivent cette plante, Voir la liste complète des plantes d'aquarium, Site sur l'aquariophilie d'eau douce et l'échange de poissons et plantes d'aquarium, Mentions légales & conditions d'utilisation. 2) if light is bright, then reduce the light and/or shade the plants. Discover (and save!) Barclaya Longifolia flower, ending [Album] (X-post from aquariums) Close. Pour tout ce qui concerne la culture de cette plante en aquarium. Over the years Barclaya longifolia has been in cultivation many times but generally it has not stable in the long run, and earlier experiments with B. motleyi were a disaster, just like Vogt (2005) mentions. The Barclaya flower is amazing, but sadly you have to remove this before it completes setting seed or the bulb will die! Skip to main View Site Leaders Barclaya longifolia and Utricularia sp. When they started to flower the … Scientific name: Barclaya longifolia Synonym: Hydrostemma longifolium Common name: Orchid lily Family: Nymphaeaceae Group: Aquarium plants Max height: 50 cm Distribution: Asia; Burma, Andaman Islands, southern Thailand, India, Sumatra, New Guinea Habitat: Grows in loose to dense populations in sunny and semishady places in rapid-flowing, predominantly clear streams carrying soft, acid water. It’s popular aquarium plant, and often used as a centerpiece for an aquarium. Mark Forums Read; Quick Links. Très belle couleur, rouge magenta, par contre toute petite moins de 5cm avec une petite racine et 4 feuilles. Je me suis fait planter et pourtant personne ne parle de mes problèmes ...Vous devez être inscrit pour pouvoir poster. Its elongated, reddish to green, wavy leaves make it look like a Cryptocoryne at first glance, at least as long as the plant is still young. Close up of Barclaya longifolia flowers. The flower is among the images shown. Barclaya longifolia in flower. Barclaya longifolia showing emergent chasmogamous flowers in a stream in Southern Thailand. And it is one of a very small number of plants that can successfully germinate and produce seeds entirely under water. 2B. Barclaya longifolia is native to a wide swath of Southern Asia. Origin. Jan 8, 2014 - This Pin was discovered by Nancy Ch. Jan 8, 2014 - This Pin was discovered by Nancy Ch. Hardiness: Easy Light Needs: Medium Plant Structure: Bulb Family: Nymphaeaceae Genus: Barclaya Region: Asia Location: Southeast Asia Size: Height: 30-80cm (12-32 Growth Rate: Medium Can Be Grown Emersed: No.
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